July News

Several DCCL have competed in notable events in July so far and here are accomplishments.

For World Open:

Zachary Martin, Richard Tan and Jason Liang finished top 15 in U2200 section.

Adam Friedman finished top 10 in U1800 section for a nice payment of $800.

Philip Newcomb bought home the cheddar by obtaining 2nd among U1700 participants for a cool $1,000!

For National Events:

Be sure to follow IM Praveen Balakrishnan as he competes in US Junior Championship as it is very tough field.  FM Jennifer Yu heads into US Junior Women’s Championship as top seed and a good chance to win the title.

For Local Events:

ACC Saturday Action plus is this weekend with two heavy hitters entered in FM Andy Samuelson and NM Andy Huang so come out and support ACC.

Potomac Open starts next week and is a bit unusual as U2300 and U2100 class sections exist.

Washington International next month will feature a who’s who of US talent so a great spectator event.

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Onto Second Half of 2018

In the first round, the Argyles took advantage of big rating edges on boards 3 and 4 and won their match over Fury.  Kings managed to squeeze out a win against Black Knights led by heroics of David Slack on board 4.  Coral Reef and Sterling had a close match and the draw was a predictable result.  Ashburn slipped up with a draw against Mojo after Bill Carroll turned a lost position into a won position.  In Amateur section, Blitzkrieg took out the new team Cereal Killers while Kingfishers (missing two boards) still drew the BK Amateur squad.  Next round all games will be at ACC.

For second round, here is how things shake down:

Argyles-Kings:  Key to this match is availability of Jeremy Kane and Larry Kaufman.  If they can play, this affair will be a very tough one for Argyles.  However, if both are missing then Argyles have huge edges across the four boards.

Coral Reef-Mojo:  In theory, Coral Reef should be big favorites but with a slip up on board 3 or 4, a draw is possible.

Ashburn-Sterling:  Ashburn needs to get out its 2200+ base to ensure victory here.

Black Knights-Fury:  A side note is Black Knights will be forced to play at ACC in August as one cannot have three of same color consecutively.  This pairing twist is a sigh of relief for the ACC based teams.
For Amateur section there is a match set on July 13 for 4 of the 5 teams.  Right now, Blitzkrieg appear best of the bunch.  Lots of World Open events this week and safe travels this week for all chess players on vacation.

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Amateur Pairings For Summer

Round 1 29-Jun
Host Away
Black Knights Amateur KingFishers
Cereal Killers Blitzkrieg
Bye/Arlington Storm
Round 2 July13*
KingFishers Cereal Killers
Arlington Storm Black Knights Amateur
Round 3 27-Jul
Cereal Killers Arlington Storm
Blitzkrieg KingFishers
Bye/Black Knights Amateur
Round 4 17-Aug
Arlington Storm Blitzkrieg
Black Knights Amateur Cereal Killers
Round 5 7-Sep
Blitzkrieg Black Knights Amateur
KingFishers Arlington Storm
Bye/Cereal Killers
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Open Pairings Round 1


HOST                           AWAY

Arlington Fury                     Arlington Argyles

Coral Reef                     Sterling Sacs

Black Knights Open            Arlington Kings

Ashburn Road To Mastery    Morphy’s Mojo



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Blitzkrieg Amateur Roster So Far

  1. Murray Newcomb 1990


  1. Mark Elliot Davis 1795


  1. Philip Newcomb 1711


  1. Guy Burkett 1703
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New Amateur Team In KingFishers



Name Rating USCF ID
Paul Swaney (Captain) 1986 12759920
Dennis Franco 1955 12542780
Anil Marthi 1936 14938331
Daniel Pi 1749 12843515
Tim Paper 1615 12532342
Brenan Nierman 1248 12548274
Aasa Dommalapati 1997 13778456
Abhinay Dommalapati 1923 13778441
Ali Thompson 1627 12877981
Georgina Chin 1089 14764861
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Potential open pairings round 1

Assuming no extra teams, here would be matchups.  Home teams to be determined.   Argyles – Fury. Coral reef – Sterling.  Kings-Black knights.  Ashburn – mojo.

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