Cold November Rain

It certainly was a cold night for Argyles and Kings as the Argyles won by smallest of margins over Potomac Beardogs who sprung the big upset on board 6.  A draw on board 5 was enough for Argyles to clinch the match.  For the Kings, they got off to a good start but Tabiya Technologies roared back on boards 2-4 and tied them.  The Kings cannot afford a loss in December if they wish to keep the Argyles within distance for a playoff matchup.  It is a big match for both squads and feels like we might see some surprise additions roll in.

For GM Michael Brown, he won in under 60 minutes on board 1 which might be some sort of record.  Definitely the strongest player overall on any team this year.  However, Coral Reef kept their composure to win a close match versus Mojo.  Black Knights won over Fury in a 7 on 7 match which is rare.  For the Argyles, a win next month will put some serious distance over them and the field.  Tabiya Technologies has to be pleased at 1.5/2 with the Kings AND Coral Reef both done.  If they can keep similar squad out, a top 3 finish is very likely.

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