Winter Season Preview

As the autumn leaves begin to fall, one can see the winter season on the horizon.  This year, we swap out Ashburn Open for Chesapeake Open.  Ashburn’s exit changes the dynamics of the team at the top as Arlington Kings and Tabiya Technology picked up a few additions.  Both move comfortably into top half of open section.  Among the teams there are three tiers:

Major Contenders:  Argyles, Kings, Coral Reef:  Lineups are loaded with NM’s, FM’s, IM’s and even GM’s.  It is very likely one of these teams win the winter title.  Matches against each other surely have been circled on the calendar.

Dark Horse Contenders:  Tabiya Technology and Fury:  Both teams are capable of beating a major contender on a good day but the overall strength is weaker than top 3 teams.

Rest of Field:  Black Knights, Mojo, Chesapeake Beardogs:  Teams are more U2100 level players getting good experience and practice.  Mojo are most tricky to play of three teams as they do have GM Michael Brown on board.

For round 1:  Argyles travel to Black Knights – Argyles go in as favorites but the dreaded road trip could lend itself to a potential upset if things go wrong.

Tabiya face Coral Reef – Coral Reef go in as slight favorites and it figures to be a close match.

Kings face Chesapeake Beardogs while Fury face Mojo – Kings and Fury are favored to land the win.

Biggest match in October is definitely Tabiya versus Coral Reef.  A win goes a long way for either team.

Biggest match of season is in December when the Argyles face the Kings.  If you want to be a spectator this season, that match is the one to see.

Here are base of players for each team (not in rating order):


IM Enkhbat Tegshsuren

FM Jason Morefield

FM Andy Samuelson

NM William Marcelino

FM Allan Savage

NM Akshay Indusekar

NM Geoff McKenna

NM Narciso Victoria

NM Andy Rea

NM Ken Chieu

NM Frank Gomez


GM Larry Kaufman

NM Mahbub Shahalam

NM David Bennett

NM Robert Cousins

NM Richard Tan

NM Andrew Tichenor

NM Scott Webster

NM Milo Nekvesil

NM Ken John

Joshua Altman

Neel Jay

Joshua Downey

Christian Vogler

Coral Reef:

IM Eugene Meyer

FM John Meyer

NM Greg Acholonu

NM Sal Rosario

NM Leif Karell

Xing Jian

David Paulina

Steve Cheney

William Stokes

Tabiya Technology:

FM Larry Gilden

NM Phil Collier

NM Nikolas Theiss

Zachary Martin

Victor Guzman

Murray Newcomb

Steve Jablon

Josh Hiban

David Slack


NM Isaac Chiu

NM Daniel Lowinger

NM Rahul Swaminathan

NM Tom Beckman

NM Tim Hamilton

Kebadu Belachew

Chris Snell

Saigautam Bonah

Tom Rehle

Ghezai Menelik

Levon Bagramian


GM Michael Brown

NM Shawn Hoshall

David Siamon

Jim Guill

Adam Chrisney

Anthony Campillo

Bill Simmons

Bill Carroll

Peter Snow

Andrew Schecter

Jonathan Kenny

Black Knights:

NM Oliver Kayende

NM Daniel Maxwell

Alan Clifford

Paul Brooms

Ralph Mikell

Phil Lacy

Simon Steel

Richard Aiken


Evan ling  Paul Yavari  Thomas shupe Nicholas Thomas

Guy Burnett

Saad Al-Hariri

Tim Paper

Vishnu Sreekumar

Megan Chen

Peter Bertel

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2 Responses to Winter Season Preview

  1. Adam says:

    ARLINGTON FURY – ADDITIONAL ROSTER PLAYERS NOT CAPTURED IN THIS ARTICLE … Franco Jose, Jonathan Mathews, Stephen M Miller, Brian Tay, and Isaac Steincamp

  2. Adam says:


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