Argyles Are Repeat Winners

For September, the Argyles easily won against the Coral Reef thus they the summer season champions.  The key guy was FM Andy Samuelson to lead their team to victory throughout the season.

The Kings won a close match against Tabiya Technology to nab 3rd place overall and finish on a strong note.

For Ashburn Open, it was their final match in existence against the Mojo as the team has disbanded effective today.  Ashburn won 4 winter titles in 10 tries which is the highest mark for this decade.

The main causes on why the team dissolved were the following:

1)      Younger players outgrew DCCL – Some of the younger players had ratings pushing as high as 2500 USCF and numerous ones within the 2250+ range.  Three of the Open teams could give the younger players good matches, however the other four teams didn’t match up rating wise with the top juniors so they devoted their time to other events.  It is a tough sell for any captain to convince a younger player to play for 4+ hours on Friday evening against someone 300 points below.

2)      Older players had personal matters come in the way – Numerous older players had family matters that took away from time in DCCL.  The older players did very well from 2010 to 2017 however lives change and take time away from chess.  Also, Ashburn had a few adults move away such as FM Dov Gorman and Vinay Doma (who were very critical to Ashburn’s success) and those players were never replaced.

3)      Other interests – Some of the other adults simply decided to play in larger events only and thought games went too long.  Lower rated players love to play people much higher rated for the challenge but after a while, it can be a chore for their opposition to play them with no financial inventive.

The players from Ashburn will either disperse to other teams or simply focus on larger events.  It was a great run by Ashburn Open but all good things must come to an end.


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