June Preview

With the open summer season, 8 teams will compete.  4 rounds with one each month.

Here are match-ups and thoughts:

Argyles (Away) – Tabiya (Home)  – Argyles go in as favorites but it is a tricky match-up for them as Gilden is FM capable of beating basically anyone in DCCL and a draw by Collier would go a long way to pulling off the upset.  Victor Guzman on board 3 will be ready to go.

Ashburn (Home) – Black Knights (Away) – Historically, Ashburn has performed below expected level in round 1 of summer.  Perhaps this year the team gets off on right foot with a win here.  Ashburn has all games at ACC this summer.

Kings (Away) – Fury (Home) – This one feels like a coin flip as drew match-up this winter and both teams fairly evenly matched.

Coral Reef (Home) – Mojo (Away) – If Mojo can get a win from David Siamon and Jim Guill shows his magic, the upset is definitely in play.  Winning on board 4 is critical for Coral Reef to win this match.

Several nuggets of information:

  • Black Knights hurt on schedule as round 2 would be at home but all matches at ACC in July. Possible only true home match is in September.
  • Round 1 and 2 are separated by 14 days. You might see teams shelter their top players for the round 2 matches.
  • Round 2 determined by match results and then board points. For example, if CR and Argyles were 3.5/4 and Ashburn was 3 with Kings at 2.5, CR and Argyles would play in round 2 with Ashburn facing next best seed in Kings.
  • Argyles and Kings unlikely to go to DC as matching colors to BK and not as close in pairings.


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