Arlington Storm Coming Through!

The Arlington Storm secured the Amateur Section title this past week with a round to spare.  The Black Knights Reserve secured the Reserve Section title this past week with a round to spare.  The Amateur and Reserve Section play out the string in April to close the season out.

For the Open Section, the Argyles face Ashburn once again.  Ashburn needs to realistically win to keep hopes of a playoff alive.  If Ashburn wins, they would face the Kings, if the Kings defeat Tabiya Technologies.  The Ashburn and Argyles team then would face one of Tabiya/Kings/Arlington Fury in second swiss round.  Ashburn likely would have draw odds if there is a playoff game in May.  The Kings match in April carries weight as a tougher opponent for Ashburn or Argyles.  Kings would love to face a chief rival in either team.

DCCL Alumni Jennifer Yu won the US Women’s title in convincing fashion!  Well done as reaches 2450+ USCF in process.  Akshita Gorti and Sabina Foiser (DCCL Alumni) also competed in Women’s Section.  For the men’s title, GM Nakamura won the title by a slim margin over GM Dominguez.  The 2020 US Men’s Olympiad team will be loaded with Caruana-Nakamura-So-Dominguez with one of Shankland/Sevian/Xiong as a reserve.  Only a handful of countries would be able to match up against that team.

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