February 15 Showdown

In the Open Section, Ashburn Open barely escaped with a win versus Arlington Kings behind heroic efforts from Paul Swaney and Vishal Kobla.  Now they set up the biggest match of season versus Argyles, who won by 4 points over Mojo.  Both teams undoubtedly will have all players over 2100 and at least 10 masters competing.  If one is to be a spectator this season, February 15 is the one to attend!  One could spend an entire blog entry dissecting all the potential match-ups but lets see how it plays out.  This upcoming match has the feel of those Steelers-Ravens rivalry from 2008-2011 where both sides were loaded with talent.  Ironically Rea (Steelers) and Shawn (Ravens) represent the teams.

The Fury moved to 3-1 overall by defeating Coral Reef, who fall out of contention and play out the string now.  Tabiya Technologies dealt with unexpected setbacks and lost to Black Knights, who are 2/4.  Right now, it is a 3 horse race between Argyles, Ashburn and Fury.  A loss is not fatal for either top teams though as the Swiss round looms in the spring (which will feature a rematch).  Fury still has to face Ashburn and Kings which is tricky.  USATE might impact who plays February match and have a good Martin Luther King holiday everyone.


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