January Preview

Tabiya Technologies-Black Knights:

A win by Black Knights puts them at 2/4 while a loss by Tabiya Technologies puts their season in downward spiral at 0.5/4.  Question is which guys want to win the games more on the lower boards.  Either side could win this one as very tough to pick a winner.


Ashburn has a well-rounded lineup usually.  Kings need to bring their A game in this one to stay in contention.  A win by Ashburn would likely turn the league into a two-horse race from here on out.  Kings have one of the strongest players in DCCL with GM Larry Kaufman leading the way so this is toughest test yet for Ashburn.

Coral Reef-Fury

Coral Reef needs the win badly to make up for early losses.  Fury needs the win to improve their position in standings and keep season going on high note.  A potential top 3 of Chiu-Lowinger-Senft could cause headaches for Coral Reef and potentially turn out the lights on their season.


Argyles are focused on Ashburn in very near future so this could be a look ahead spot for them.  Argyles go in as massive favorites here.  Potential for some of Mojo guys to pull some upsets perhaps?


Blitzkrieg can blow first place wide open win a win here.  Question is does Storm allow it?

Arlington Reserve-Black Knights Reserve

A win by either side would go a long way to determining winner of Reserve section.


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