Awards Ceremony and Northern Virginia Open:

This weekend is Northern Virginia Open nearby which is a solid event worth checking out.  Fun will surely be had by all who attend.  Next week, we enter week 2 of DCCL as several big matches on horizon.  Let’s take a look at keys to match:

Ashburn-Coral Reef:

  • Get IM Meyer out there and obtain at least a draw overall for Coral Reef. IM Meyer is top 5 overall in DCCL but he shifts other players down boards which benefits Coral Reef.
  • Take care of business against the 2200 base Coral Reef players for Ashburn. Ashburn goes in as favorites on these boards but needs to take care of business.
  • Do not hand away a win on board 6. Lots of times the story of a match is written on board 6.  Higher variability in chances for decisive results the lower the ratings are.

Kings-Tabiya Technologies:

  • For Kings, win on board 1. Sets tone for match.  If Larry Kaufman is in there, will be very tough for Gilden to win as Kaufman always well prepared.
  • For Tabiya, get the wins on boards 3 and 4. This area is where Tabiya might out-rate Kings so take advantage of it.
  • Do not give away points. Question becomes does anyone get sloppy early and concede defeat on a lower board?  If so, changes dynamics as draws might be all one side needs to secure match.


  • For Argyles, hold on 1. They have big rating edges on remaining boards that will be harder for Fury to overcome.
  • For Fury, do not get into bad positions early. The Argyles play as a team and can sense very well when conservative play is needed to clinch.
  • For Fury, get out a strong lineup. Argyles are very good overall and a middle-of-the-road type lineup will at best get a draw.

Black Knights-Mojo:

  • For Black Knights, get out to potential early lead. Early victory on a lower board can lead to top boards playing solid to secure win.
  • For Mojo, play with aggression. Going in as underdogs, you have to take some chances to win.
  • For Mojo, treat this match as must-win. This one is better chance to win than lets say Argyles or Kings down the road.  Play with passion and inspiration.


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