Onto Second Half of 2018

In the first round, the Argyles took advantage of big rating edges on boards 3 and 4 and won their match over Fury.  Kings managed to squeeze out a win against Black Knights led by heroics of David Slack on board 4.  Coral Reef and Sterling had a close match and the draw was a predictable result.  Ashburn slipped up with a draw against Mojo after Bill Carroll turned a lost position into a won position.  In Amateur section, Blitzkrieg took out the new team Cereal Killers while Kingfishers (missing two boards) still drew the BK Amateur squad.  Next round all games will be at ACC.

For second round, here is how things shake down:

Argyles-Kings:  Key to this match is availability of Jeremy Kane and Larry Kaufman.  If they can play, this affair will be a very tough one for Argyles.  However, if both are missing then Argyles have huge edges across the four boards.

Coral Reef-Mojo:  In theory, Coral Reef should be big favorites but with a slip up on board 3 or 4, a draw is possible.

Ashburn-Sterling:  Ashburn needs to get out its 2200+ base to ensure victory here.

Black Knights-Fury:  A side note is Black Knights will be forced to play at ACC in August as one cannot have three of same color consecutively.  This pairing twist is a sigh of relief for the ACC based teams.
For Amateur section there is a match set on July 13 for 4 of the 5 teams.  Right now, Blitzkrieg appear best of the bunch.  Lots of World Open events this week and safe travels this week for all chess players on vacation.


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