Confirmed Summer Teams So Far

Open:  Argyles, Fury, Sterling, Black Knights, Mojo, Coral Reef, Kings, Ashburn

Amateur:  Blitzkrieg, Storm, BK Amateur, Kingfishers Potential Teams: Cereal Killers

First round changed to June 29.  It is possible that there will only be one section but leadership is working to ensure at least two sections.  Coral Reef roster is below too.

June Expiration
Player rating USCFID Date
1 Meyer Eugene 2437 10122953 life
2 Acholonu Greg 2210 10083761 31-Mar-2019
3 Meyer John 2212 10169518 life
4 Rosario Sal 2185 12459077 31-Dec-2020
5 Jian Xing 2069 14937281 30-Nov-2018
6 Karell Leif 2000 10176484 31-Dec-2018
7 Stokes William 2000 12206910 31-Aug-2019
8 Cheyney Stephen 1949 10399246 31-May-2019
9 Karell Mira 1500 12514880 31-Dec-2018



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