Open Rosters

The following people played at least 2 games for the following teams this past season and can be considered part of these rosters for future planning purposes.  Also, here would be pairings for round 1 under two scenarios.

Argyles Coral Reef Ashburn Kings
FM Andy Samuelson IM Eugene Meyer FM Paolo Del Mundo GM Larry Kaufman
NM Geoff McKenna FM John Meyer NM Andy Huang NM David Bennett
NM Ashkay Indusakar NM Greg Acholonu NM Daniel Clancy NM Milo Nekvasil
NM Bill Marcelino NM Stan Fink NM Shawn Hoshall Victor Guzman
FM Allan Savage NM Sal Rosario NM Andrew Tichenor Sasho Dimchev
NM Andy Rea NM Leif Karell NM Vishal Kobla Robert Berger
NM Ken Chieu Xing Jian Evan Ling Neel Jay
Steve Cheyney Nikolas Theiss
Phil Keisler Tim Rogalski
Josh Hiban
Lightning Fury Sterling
NM Scott Webster NM Isaac Chiu FM Larry Gilden
Mikhail Gorbanev NM Franco Jose NM Robert Cousins
Zack Martin Jonathan Matthews NM Phil Collier
Jason Liang Tom Beckman Paul Yavari
David Slack Tim Hamilton Dennis Franco
Alex Emmons Tom Rehle Anil Marthi
Tom Erickson Anthony Campillo Mark Scott
Aleksey Bashtavenko Kebadu Belachew Dino Obregon
Murray Newcomb Chris Snell
Cosmo Zheng
Black Knights Mojo
Simon Steel David Siamon
Dan Maxwell Jim Guill
Ralph Mikell Brad Gaspard
Phil Lacy Andrew Schecter
Butch Hurd Adam Chrisney
Alan Clifford Bill Caroll
Paul Brooms Bill Simmons
Jonathan Kenny
If Odd Number If Even Number
Argyles Ashburn Argyles Fury
Coral Reef Fury Coral Reef Sterling
Kings Sterling Kings BK
Lightning Black Knights Lightning Mojo/New Team
Mojo Bye Ashburn Mojo/New Team



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