Amateur Section Rosters

The following players played at least one game in 2018 for amateur section.  Pairings to be determined for summer based on number of entries.  Several new rules were adopted pertaining to section so please contact Andy Rea or Ralph Mikell for more information.

Blitzkrieg Storm Rockville
Aleksey Bashtavenko Chris Snell Mustapha Diomande
Guy Burkett Justin Picken Klaus Waibel
David Lin Erick Knudsen Yanal Al Sabbagh
Chunlei Liang James Custodio Christian Vasquez
David Slack Gavin Francis Jaime Wong
Murray Newcomb Pahul Ponugoti Donald Fong
Bryan Milian Saigautam Bonam Ahmed Gahelrasoul
James Williams Adam Fiedman
Stephen Scala
Paul Swaney
Rockville Knights Watch Check Republic
Mustapha Diomande Levon Bargramian Shea Megale
Klaus Waibel William Sarrano Ian Turner
Yanal Al Sabbagh Mark Scott Matthew Woolner
Christian Vasquez Erick Toribio
Jaime Wong Brian Curran
Donald Fong Tim Paper
Ahmed Gahelrasoul Mark Hyland
Thomas Shupe
BK Teams Forestville
Robert Harris Reginald Luckett
Charles Roberts Larry Smaw
Michael Stueben Leslie Charles
Ben Johnson Lionel Kilby
Ralph Mikell Melton Hill
Hayes Bowling
Akeem Cummings
Charlie Wyche
Zack Kinney
Louis Chamberlain



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