Notable Results Abound

Several notable accomplishments made by local players recently.

  • The Argyles won the open section of DCCL. First title ever in the winter season and the team has much to be proud of as they enter the summer.  NM Andy Rea and FM Andy Samuelson did a very good job of managing team and they won the title for their former leader, John Campbell.
  • Thomas Jefferson High School won the national championship. Not a class category title but the open section title.  This achievement is huge as IM Balakrishnan, NM Paul and experts Ling & Jian led the charge to take home the hardware.
  • A perennial top player from 2008 to 2015 in FM Kevin Wang achieved his IM title. Getting to NM takes talent and effort.  Getting to FM requires tremendous understanding of game/effort/strong results.  Getting to IM or GM is a whole other ballgame.  It takes a truly elite player who has all of the previously mentioned qualities and an understanding of chess at a high professional level.  A nice achievement by Kevin Wang!
  • A current top player in FM Jennifer Yu achieved her WGM title. She finished in the top 5 of US Women Championship.  She has 2 IM norms and could achieve the coveted title in near future.  Definitely a feather in her cap for college applications down the road.
  • FM Akshita Gorti finished inside top 10 of US Women Championship. She should be a mainstay of this event in years to come.
  • FM Andy Samuelson and NM Justin Paul finished with 4/5 in a very tough MD Open field this month. Strength-wise this event appears toughest locally so quite a good result by them.
  • Newly minted expert Ronen Wilson won the K-3 open title at Elementary Nationals .
  • Capital Area Chess hosts a GM Norm and IM Norm event starting next week. To organize events like this takes time/effort/money so they must be commended for doing such a great service for aspiring NM’s and FM’s.  In conjunction, they host Cherry Blossom Open which has several notable chess personalities playing.  Other events this summer include ones run by CCA, MCA, VCF, ACC, and DMV.  A true variety of chess exists from the blitz tourney at ACC to the 5 day events run by the MCA.  Please consider supporting these events and get out there to play!

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