April Showers Don’t Hit Argyles This Year

In April, the Argyles put together a very dominant win over Coral Reef.  Spearheaded by FM Samuelson win over IM Meyer, Argyles won 5-1 and now just need a draw versus the Lightning to win the league title.  Going in as favorites on nearly every board, they have a great shot to claim their first winter title.  The Coral Reef still have an outside shot at a playoff but they need a win AND Argyles Loss AND catch Lightning on tiebreaks.  Lightning need a win AND hold off Coral Reef on tiebreaks to force a playoff.  The Ashburn crew didn’t have a good season as they fell to Fury while the Kings defeated the Mojo.  Lightning have put together a very good inaugural season and sit tied for second place after a win versus Black Knights.

In Amateur, Blitzkrieg defeated Rockville to claim the winter title with a round to spare.  For next round, only Argyles/Lightning/Coral Reef has anything notable at stake.  The rest of the league is playing out the string at this point.  In chess news, the US Championship starts this week and two former DCCL players in FM Yu and FM Gorti will be competing in the Women’s section.  www.uschesschamps.com has live updates for those interested in following along.  Also, the Cherry Blossom Classic and MD Open are next month so big events on the horizon.

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