Argyles and Coral Reef Stay At Top

The last round of January is not necessarily the most dramatic round but rounds like this one separate the competition.  The Coral Reef drew the Arlington Fury in a mild surprise.  Wins by Chiu and Beckman helped the cause for the Arlington Fury.  The Argyles dispatched of the Black Knights with relative ease behind Samuelson and McKenna.  For Ashburn, they got the close win over the Lightning as Hoshall and Ling won the final two games of the match to keep Ashburn 0.5 point behind the leaders.  Sterling won its second straight over the Mojo and is starting to gain some good vibes.

For Blitzkrieg, they sit at 5-0 in Amateur section but only 1 game ahead of Rockville Chess Club.  The two square off next week in the biggest round for the Amateur Section.  A loss by Rockville give Blitzkrieg a 2 game edge with 3 left.  After February, the season starts to wind down for the teams out of contention and for the top 3 teams in each group, it is where they make their move.  We shall see who wins the title but as of now, Argyles and Blitzkrieg are in best positions of their divisions.

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