First Round Of 2018 Brings Exciting Matches!

Hard to believe but we are near the half-way mark of the season.  Some teams are playing for pride while others are playing for the coveted league title.  Onto the matches:

The Argyles overwhelmed the Mojo across the board to put a 5-1 result together. Quietly they are assembling very good tiebreaks in case a playoff results later down the road.  Their match versus the Coral Reef later this season is the biggest of the season.  Speaking of the Coral Reef, Greg Acholonu posted his quickest win in his DCCL career with an 8 move win on board one!  It was definitely an early jolt to Ashburn but they rallied to draw the match behind heroics on boards 3, 4 and 5.  Tim Rogalski played a great defensive setup to force the draw against Xing Jian to clinch the match result.  Ronen Wilson proved he will be a tough out on board 6 with a draw versus Leif Karell.

The Sterling squad got a badly needed win downing the Fury.  The Lightning got the best of the Kings (who were missing several top players) and still remain in contention for playoffs.  Lightning-Ashburn winner next round is still alive for playoff hopes but the loser is probably heading to consolation bracket.  The Coral Reef and Argyles sit at clear top 2 teams but things can change quickly.

This month has several good events, headlined by MCA event in Rockville over MLK weekend and the Liberty Bell Open in Philadelphia.  Keep in mind ACC has some good events and DMV Chess is running weekly events on Saturday in Herndon each weekend this month.  Check them out!


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