December To Remember!

Not the most eventful round but still important games were played.

Coral Reef routed the Kings with strong performances from John Meyer and Stan Fink among others.  It was one of those matches where everything went right for the Coral Reef.  Ashburn-Coral Reef in January is a match that surely will affect who wins the title.

The Argyles routed the Fury as they had sizable rating edges on every board and showed they were the better team this day.  The Argyles got good positions for most of the boards early and things fell into place.  Ashburn squeaked by Sterling to keep them in contention at 2-1.  Once the younger players start arriving, coupled with strong masters in Kore and Del Mundo among others, they will be very tough to beat.  Mojo took down the Black Knights to pick up the win.

For Amateur, Blitzkrieg won again to go to 3-0 while Rockville is half a point behind at 2.5/3.  Storm and Knights Watch still contenders for the title too.  In January, Kings face Lightning in a match where a win by either side shapes their season.  For big tourneys during Christmas, please check out Eastern Open!  It is a solid event with varying schedules/sections and is more of a big chess festival.  Happy holidays and may all improve their chess game in 2017.

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