November Rains Down On DCCL

Hard to believe but we have completed two rounds already in both sections.

Currently the Arlington Fury and Arlington Kings at 2-0 atop the standings. Coral Reef and Kings face off next round in a match with major implications.  The Kings need NM Kane along with GM Kaufman and NM Bennett to lead the charge.  Otherwise, the Coral Reef head in as favorites with a very deep lineup.  Coral Reef can throw out 5 NM’s or higher in every big match, which is daunting.

The Argyles look to build upon their convincing win over Ashburn with a match versus the Fury.  The Fury generally play hard in the big match so this isn’t a lay-up for Andy Rea’s crew.  Similarly, Ashburn sits at 1-1 and needs a big win next match versus Sterling.  Sterling sits at 0-2 and if they hope to salvage the season, at least a draw is needed.

Mojo and Black Knights look to get their first win when they square off next round.  Lightning have a bye and sit in the middle of the standings.  In the Amateur section, Storm and Blitzkrieg sit at 2-0 with only the Knights Watch as the other contender.  Storm and Blitzkrieg enter next round as sizable favorites versus their opponents.

For Open section, a win by Coral Reef would go a very long way to winning the title as every other match, with exception of Ashburn perhaps, they would enter as big favorites.  If the Coral Reef were to beat Kings and Ashburn back to back, about 90% chance they win the title.

A big regional event with NOVA Open is this weekend.  Be sure to check out the action near Washington Dulles Airport if free.  Eastern Open is right after Christmas and a solid event for everyone to participate in!




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