Summer Season Heats Up!

If one could say there was a most critical round in summer, it is round 2.  It is the awards ceremony and all the teams play that night at Arlington.  One begins to see separation in the standings and this past week was no different.  Here is a quick synopsis:

Coral Reef defeat Argyles as IM Eugene Meyer defeated Andy Samuelson the newly minted FM.  Congrats to Andy, as nobody in DCCL deserves the coveted title more than him for his dedication to the game in my opinion.  Fellow FM John Meyer won a nice game versus NM Bill Marcelino so the Coral Reef were in good position early on.  They finished off the match with a win by NM Sal Rosario to win 3-1 and put themselves in a great spot.

Sterling defeat Fury behind new face in Daniel Leach and tenacious Robert Cousins who both won.  FM Gilden drew NM Lowinger to seal the match.

Kings won big over Ashburn as the Kings out-rated them by substantial margins.  Ashburn was missing several key titled players and the Kings took advantage of it.  Mojo and Black Knights drew, and along with Ashburn are eliminated from contention for summer title.

Sterling and Coral Reef have a critical round 3 match-up and a win by either side would put distance between them and the field.  A draw in Fury/Argyles match will likely result in elimination for both.  Kings face Black Knights in a must-win round while Mojo-Ashburn play out the string.

For Amateur section, the Knight Watch face the Crows next round and win by Knight Watch clinches them the league title.  At 0.5/2 DMV is not eliminated yet but lots of things have to go right.

Have a great summer and many good events before next round in ACC Tornado/Potomac Open/US Open/Washington International.  Check them out!

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