Underdogs Bite Back In Round 1:

Round 1 was a topsy-turvy round as several notable teams were upset.  Starting off, Sterling pulled off the upset behind solid efforts by Gilden and Cousins.  Sterling has  fared much better in Summer Season than Winter over last 3 years.  Perhaps this year they win the title.

The Kings did not have their main masters and the Fury took advantage by winning boards 2, 3 and 4 to post the solid victory.  The Argyles made it through the dreaded road trip to DC with the big wins behind McKenna and Savage.  The Coral Reef won easily versus Mojo.

DMV was stunned with an upset to Knight Watch but still has time to get back in race with a Swiss round at end.  Capital Crows had some great players on board but Black Knights Amateur fought hard and drew.  Onto round 2.

Argyles face Coral Reef and a win for either side could put some serious distance between the winner and the field.  Sterling faces Fury as this match is tough to forecast.  Kings-Ashburn is essentially an elimination match with both teams at 0-1.  Mojo-BK is on the schedule too.

Knights Watch can put themselves in a great spot at 2-0 with another win vs Black Knights.  DMV is in must-win mode early versus Capital Crows.  A loss by either side is doom for hopes to win the title.

All matches for round 2 are all ACC and the awards ceremony occurs for winter season.  Round should start at 8:30 after everything settles.  Hopefully everyone stays warm and consider attending Continental Class this weekend.  It is a solid event with good prizes and great competition!

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