Hi everyone as this is NM Andrew Tichenor.  I will be taking over for NM Shawn Hoshall as the blogger for DCCL for future.  The winter season was exciting and packed with action from October to May.

For the Open season, Ashburn Junior went wire-to-wire in the open section.  The team was very strong as 1 IM, 2 FM’s, and 5 NM’s combined with many solid experts.  This team was able to throw out tough lineups each round.  Their most critical match was early on versus Argyles.  Expert Tim Rogalski won a wild affair with FM Allan Savage which clinched the match.  The biggest surprise was Arlington Fury who were tied for second as late as April despite only having 2 NM’s.  This team played hard each round and was never an easy out.

For the Amateur season, DMV Blitzkrieg rolled the competition going 9-0.  This team was loaded as many solid 1900’s and 2000’s throughout and just overwhelmed each of its opponents.  They finished 3 points ahead of perennial powerhouse GMU.  The DMV team would be a middle-tier team immediately if they entered open section.  Hopefully they can join the big dogs in the yard!

Well done for another good season and hopefully everyone has a great Memorial Day.

Frequently I get the questions about history of DCCL.  Here is a simple summary.

1985-1995 Arlington Rooks were the most dominant team (winning at least 11 titles!) with a core of IM Walter Morris, NM Geoff McKenna, NM Bill Mason and NM Harold Mouzon among others.  They used to say they had the 4 M’s who were deadly.  A very impresive run.

1995-2005 Coral Reef go down as the most dominant team (winning at least 13 titles!)  What made the Coral Reef especially tough was they had 2 strong IM’s in E. Meyer and Delaune followed by FM J. Meyer and NM’s Acholonu, Karell, Fink, and Rosario among others.  Many of them were in their prime and north of 2300.  They simply overwhelmed the competition with depth and strong players.  If you had to say a most successful team since 1985 overall, it has to be Coral Reef.

2005-2010 DC Metro.  This team was the all-star team from the Montgomery County/NOVA region with many notable masters such as Defibaugh, Schoch, Low and Uesugi manning the boards.  Team had strong teamwork and comadaerie.  Once the players started graduating from high school, team disbanded.  Brief but powerful run!

2010-2017 Ashburn.  This team started off as a fun activity for a local club but once they started bringing in 2200+ people, the team took off like a firecracker.  Team has won 4 of last 7 winter titles.  What really propelled the team into a new era was the Ashburn Mastery Program.  Lots of notable scholastic players developed their interest in chess with this program.  Team relies on a mix of adult and junior players which is different than most DCCL teams.

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