Summer League Award Ceremony Pictures… 2015-16 Winter Season in Full Swing.

The DCCL Summer league championship pictures from round two winter league are just out. Bill Simmons the Mojo’s long time captain does a great job with this and they are featured below.

The Winter league is in full swing and as of this posting 2 rounds in the Amateur section and 3 rounds in the Open have been recorded.

This year’s 2015-16 winter season Amateur section features 8 teams. There is no Reserve section ( The former Amateur and Reserve sections are combined). The theme of a few of the teams like the Black Knights U21,U17 and Silver Knights Under 21 is to emphasize our talented Junior players in the area. So far after the first two rounds the perennial Amateur section powerhouse: George Mason University is off to a 2-0 start.

Changes abound in the Open section as well. The Kings, a team with great history and tradition in the league is back in the winter season after skipping last year’s session but playing this past summer. Also a new team has joined the fray: “Rook and Roll” (Great name!!) .   This is another excellent Junior team that has numerous strong players from the area including young masters: Michael Auger and Ashkay Indusekar.

Finally last winter seasons champs Ashburn Open has essentially merged with Ashburn Junior where most of their former players have migrated to the Ashburn Junior squad making one combined powerhouse team.

So far the Kings, and summer champs Coral Reef are off to a fast 3-0 start.


Pictures  Round 2 November 20th, 2015

DCCL_WInt15_Rd2-playing hall

League and Awards night at the Arlington Chess club Nov 20th 2015.


Andy Rea, Executive Director of the DC Chess League makes a few remarks before handing out awards to the winners of the Summer 2015 DCCL. Prior to the Round 2 matches of the Winter League.


Stephen Jablon accepts congratulations for winning the Board Prize for highest winning percentage in the Amateur division.


Andy Rea hands over winner plaques to the Leif Karell, long-time Captain of the Coral Reef, which triumphed as the top team in the Open Section of the DCCL 2015 Summer League.

webster board prize

Scott Webster shows off his trophy for winning the Open Section Board Prize in the DCCL 2015 Summer League as part of “Can You Smell What the Rook is Cooking”.


Members of the Winning Amateur team George Mason from Left to right: Scott Daniels, George Stone, Ako Heidari, Johnathan Bode, Stephen Jablon


NM Milo Nekvasil, the happy Kings Captain and Redskins fan. Both his team the Kings, and the Washington Redskins, lead their respective divisions.


NM Sal Rosario of Coral Reef getting ready to play his second round match.

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2 Responses to Summer League Award Ceremony Pictures… 2015-16 Winter Season in Full Swing.

  1. Ako says:

    Very nice report, thanks for keeping the blog and nice photos!

  2. shoshall says:

    Thank You Ako! Would love to see some DCCL games or positions from your team for the blog if you ever get a chance!

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