Round 3, What’s up with the Reserve Section?

DCCL Reserve1
After 3 rounds so far we have 3 teams without a loss. In the Reserve section the Silver Knights squad, The Amateur section the GM’s and in the Open The Ashburn Open team.

My question however is, “What’s up with the Reserve section?” Almost every round in the Reserve at least 1 team has an odd number of players and the matches are something like this:

dccl Reserve

Never more than 3 players on one team play in a match in the Reserve section and there is always some teams with less than 3 players. There are so many forfeits on individual boards I feel for these players if they are scheduling a Friday night to play a match and their opponent does not show up.

The Reserve section has the potential to be the DCCL’s biggest section because it has the biggest pool of players in that rating zone (under 1700 USCF). Having two people play a match vs one is not uncommon in the section and is ridiculous.

The team captains along with the league commish should get together and find out what can be done. Maybe a centralized playing area every month, faster time controls, better communication between managers, more awareness of league to get new teams, active recruiting of potential players, prize fund etc. Perhaps even penalising or removing teams that consistently forfeit is also a solution. A team mate of mine was telling me in Germany they used to have big leagues with many teams of 10 players boards. We can do better than one or two players on a team in the Reserve.

Round 3 notes

Only 2 teams played in Arlington this month and one of them was my team the Ashburn Open. We won 3.5-2.5 vs Coral Reef after a 0-2 start to the match. I was no help to my team in this round losing to NM Sal Rosario in a Budapest Defense.

Here is a link to my game which I posted on


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