December Preview

Ashburn took care of business 4.5-1.5 over Coral Reef while Argyles routed the Fury in November.  The Kings were stung for a draw by Tabiya Technologies and the Black Knights won over Mojo.  Lots of new teams in Amateur and Reserve section so check out the standings.

For December, we feature a major match between Argyles and Kings.  Kings need to at least draw this match to stay in serious playoff contention.  The Coral Reef look to get back on track when they go to DC to face Black Knights while Fury and Mojo look to rebound from November losses.  Ashburn faces Tabiya Technologies and looks to keep pace with Argyles.  Eastern Open is next month run by Tom Beckman so consider entering this one after Christmas.

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Awards Ceremony and Northern Virginia Open:

This weekend is Northern Virginia Open nearby which is a solid event worth checking out.  Fun will surely be had by all who attend.  Next week, we enter week 2 of DCCL as several big matches on horizon.  Let’s take a look at keys to match:

Ashburn-Coral Reef:

  • Get IM Meyer out there and obtain at least a draw overall for Coral Reef. IM Meyer is top 5 overall in DCCL but he shifts other players down boards which benefits Coral Reef.
  • Take care of business against the 2200 base Coral Reef players for Ashburn. Ashburn goes in as favorites on these boards but needs to take care of business.
  • Do not hand away a win on board 6. Lots of times the story of a match is written on board 6.  Higher variability in chances for decisive results the lower the ratings are.

Kings-Tabiya Technologies:

  • For Kings, win on board 1. Sets tone for match.  If Larry Kaufman is in there, will be very tough for Gilden to win as Kaufman always well prepared.
  • For Tabiya, get the wins on boards 3 and 4. This area is where Tabiya might out-rate Kings so take advantage of it.
  • Do not give away points. Question becomes does anyone get sloppy early and concede defeat on a lower board?  If so, changes dynamics as draws might be all one side needs to secure match.


  • For Argyles, hold on 1. They have big rating edges on remaining boards that will be harder for Fury to overcome.
  • For Fury, do not get into bad positions early. The Argyles play as a team and can sense very well when conservative play is needed to clinch.
  • For Fury, get out a strong lineup. Argyles are very good overall and a middle-of-the-road type lineup will at best get a draw.

Black Knights-Mojo:

  • For Black Knights, get out to potential early lead. Early victory on a lower board can lead to top boards playing solid to secure win.
  • For Mojo, play with aggression. Going in as underdogs, you have to take some chances to win.
  • For Mojo, treat this match as must-win. This one is better chance to win than lets say Argyles or Kings down the road.  Play with passion and inspiration.


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October Results

Ashburn won easily over mojo and fury won barely versus black knights. Big story was coral reef Losing on top 3 boards to kings.  Bennett Guzman and vogler all came up big!  Argyles Face sterling Lightning next week.

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MOJO Roster

David Siamon
Jim Guill
Andrew Schechter
Bradley Gaspard
Adam Chrisney
Peter Snow
Bill Carroll
Jonathan Kenny
Karl Peterson
Bill Simmons
Steve Armentrout
Ted Udelson
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Black Knights Open Roster

Oliver Kayende Simon Steel

Daniel Maxwell
Richard Aiken
Kevin McPherson
Ronald Jones
Paul Brooms
Alan Clifford
Zachary Kinney
Ralph Mikell
Al Hurd
Philip Lacy
Zahir Muhammad
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2018-2019 Winter Season Preview


Round1 Oct26
Black Knights Arlington Fury
Arlington Kings Coral Reef
Ashburn Open Morphy’s Mojo
Sterling Lightning Arlington Argyles
Round2 16-Nov
Coral Reef Ashburn
Morphy’s Mojo Black Knights
Sterling Lightning Arlington Kings
Arlington Argyles Arlington Fury
Round 3 13-Dec
Arlington Kings Arlington Argyles
Arlington Fury Morphy’s Mojo
Black Knights Coral Reef
Ashburn Sterling Lightning
Round 4 11-Jan
Sterling Lightning Black Knights
Arlington Kings Ashburn
Arlington Argyles Morphy’s Mojo
Coral Reef Arlington Fury
Round 5 15-Feb
Arlington Fury Sterling Lighning
Ashburn Arlington Argyles
Morphy’s Mojo Coral Reef
Black Knights Arlington Kings
Round 6 early March
Arlington Argyles Coral Reef
Ashburn Black Knights
Sterling Lightning Morphy’s Mojo
Arlington Kings Arlington Fury
Round 7 later March
Morphy’s Mojo Arlington Kings
Arlington Fury Ashburn
Coral Reef Sterling Lightning
Black Knights Arlington Argyles

Synopsis Thoughts:

  • Black Knights – Team could start off well early but faces a daunting road in final 3 rounds with Kings Home/Ashburn Away/Argyles Home. Good overall draw for schedule.
  • Arlington Fury – Team goes on road first round to Black Knights which is bad pairing. Then things get tough with Argyles in November.  Tough spot to be in.
  • Kings – Huge match with Coral Reef will dictate how things go. Things broke perfectly in summer for them but question is how to they do on boards 5 and 6?
  • Coral Reef – Worst schedule of 9 as early date with Kings and Ashburn tough. Hitting road in December for Black Knights is not favorable either.
  • Ashburn – Best schedule as huge favorites versus Mojo early and avoid road trip to Black Knights. Two match setup of Kings-Argyles will define season but team added several new additions recently.
  • Mojo – Team avoids Black Knights road trip and good season would be 3 out of 7.
  • Sterling Lightning – Combination team will be combination of Lightning and Sterling guys. Probably comparable to Fury in ability but weaker than Kings.
  • Argyles – strong roster can gear up for December showdown with Kings.

Roster for the ARLINGTON FURY:

Daniel Lowinger

Isaac Chiu

Sean Senft

Franco Jose

Jonathan Mathews

Thomas Beckman

Saigautum Bonam

Chris Snell

Tim Hamilton

Kebadu Belachew

Thomas Rehle

Tony Campillo

Stephen M. Miller

Roster for Ashburn Open:

Paolo Del Mundo

Andy Huang

Mahbub Shalaham

Shawn Hoshall

Robert Cousins

Nikolas Theiss

Jason Liang

Evan Ling

Vishal Kobla

Andy Tichenor

Josh Hiban

Stephen Jablon

Herky Del Mundo





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Olympiad 2018!

In DCCL news, Kings drew Argyles last week to win the title.  Victor Guzman key win was the difference.  Next week on the 26th the DCCL leadership will meet to discuss prior season and winter season.  Olympiad 2018 starts in a week.  Top teams in Men’s include USA/China/Russia/India with USA being 20% chance to repeat first and for women’s section, betting odds would be China or the field.  A very entertaining chess event!

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